Group Lessons & Classes

What drew me back to the Quiet Corner was the sense of community in music-making. So, here at the Quiet Corner Music Studio, I am offering affordable group music classes to create more opportunities for community learning and music-making.

Here is a list of our current offerings. Classes will happily be added based interest – be sure to let me know what you want to see offered!

Group music classes are $15 each.
Family discounts are available.

“Bada-Sing, Bada-Boom: An Introduction to Music

This class is perfect for kids ages 7 to 10. We will use boomwhackers, creative activities, and group games to introduce reading and responding to music. Students will also be introduced to the different wind and brass instruments they can play in band!
Since the class topics are cumulative, it is recommended to come each week, but life happens! Just be in touch with Vinny if your child will be missing class so he can make sure your child isn’t caught off-guard when they return.

Brass Class

This weekly Brass Pow-wow is perfect for brass players in Grades 6 – 10. We will do all sorts of different things each week – some weeks, the class might be a group lesson; other weeks, we may just play fun brass ensemble music and enjoy how awesome a group brass sound is. This class is great for students who want to learn and play more, but don’t want a one-on-one lesson!
There may be isolated Wednesdays the class does not meet, but the class will generally happen on a weekly basis. There is no pressure to come every week!

Group Music-Making for all!

Let’s make music! This is a chance for ANYBODY to come make music as a group. All you need to bring is an instrument, a pencil, and a desire to play! Based on who signs up, Vinny will let you know what weeks to come – we’ll rotate so that we can form a bunch of different ensembles. If there’s any music you really want to play, be sure to tell Vinny!

If you have a pre-formed ensemble and want regular coachings, we’ll find a time outside of the regular blocks for you!

This will be scheduled on a week-to-week basis – just let Vinny know when you want to play!

Remember, classes will happily be offered based on interest. What do you want to see added to the lineup? Let’s make it happen!

Interested in learning alongside other budding musicians?

Click Here to sign up for group music classes!