Lessons, Group Classes, and More!

Are you worried about COVID-19 closures impacting your access to a good music education?

Well worry not – try an online music lesson with Vinny!

Welcome to the homepage of Ashford’s newest hub for music, the Quiet Corner Music Studio! This studio, run by Ashford native Vincent LaMonica, offers private music lessons, group music classes, recording services, and more, all at a convenient location on Rt. 74, about a mile off of Rt. 44.

Private Music Lessons: Vinny offers private music lessons for all ages and abilities for any woodwind or brass instrument. If you put air through it, Vinny teaches it!

Group Music Classes: With an evolving schedule and room for additional classes, Vinny offers affordable group music classes for various age and ability ranges. Some are instrumental, some are about reading and understanding music – there’s something here for everybody!

Recording Studio: If you want to record a song, album, or audition tape, the Quiet Corner Music Studio is here for you! With hundreds of events-worth of recording experience, Vinny can help you capture the audio or video you need.

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