The Quiet Corner Music Studio – Ashford’s Hub for Music

Music Time! and Drumming

Wednesday mornings, September 21st through November 9th.
9:15 – 10:00am – Music Time!
(Recommended for ages 4 – 8)
10:15 – 11:00am – Drumming
(Recommended for ages 8 – 11)
Additional class periods in the afternoon and/or evening may be added based on interest.

Enrollment is $200 per child per eight-week class.
Sign up by August 21st to save $25!
Discounts apply to gift cards.
Gift cards are purchased through the enrollment form.

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Not to take away from his musical talent, which is literally award winning, it’s Vinny’s ability to instruct that is truly inspiring. The care he takes with lessons – including planning every minute of time, individualizing for the student’s needs, and pushing the learner just hard enough to achieve growth (but not reach frustration) – is priceless.

Kelly Fransen, mother of a former student.

Private Music Lessons:
Buy three, get one free!*

Welcome to the homepage of Ashford’s hub for music, the Quiet Corner Music Studio!

This studio, run by Ashford native Vincent LaMonica, offers private music lessons, group music classes, recording services, and more, all at a convenient location on Rt. 74, about a mile off of Rt. 44.

Private Music Lessons: Vinny offers private music lessons for all ages and abilities for any woodwind or brass instrument. If you put air through it, Vinny teaches it! Lessons are available in person and online.

Group Music Classes: With an evolving schedule and room for additional classes, Vinny offers affordable group music classes for various age and ability ranges. Some are instrumental, some are about reading and understanding music – there’s something here for everybody!

Recording Studio: If you want to record a song, album, or audition tape, the Quiet Corner Music Studio is here for you! With hundreds of events-worth of recording experience, Vinny can help you capture the audio or video you need.

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Private Music Lessons are “buy three, get one free” year round.*

*Offer applies when three lessons are paid for up front, and can be used repeatedly. Each December, I offer a special “buy two, get one free” deal, which can also be gifted as gift cards.

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