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Private Music Lessons: Buy Three, Get One Free!

Pay for three lessons and get a third lesson free!

I am currently offering fully in-person, fully-online, or hybrid lessons.

“Vinny is dedicated, gifted, and agile.  He is an incredibly talented musician who knows how to teach his craft tremendously well. And now that he’s gone to such reputable schools and studied with other amazing teachers, Vinny has more pedagogical knowledge than ever before. Vinny can work with and teach anyone and everyone!”

Kelly F, parent of a current bassoon, clarinet, and saxophone student

My teaching philosophy is simple: mastery and musicality.  My goal as a musician and teacher is to inspire and foster an appreciation and understanding of music in all of my students, while encouraging proper technique. No matter the instrument, age, or ability, my approach to teaching will help you become the musicians you want to be.  My lesson curriculum breaks down into three sections: routine, recognition, and realization.

ROUTINE: During the beginning of each lesson, we will discuss and improve warm-up and daily practice routines, technical aspects of each instrument, scale/arpeggio exercises, and other ways to increase technical prowess.

RECOGNITION: During lessons, we will look at music through an analytical point of view.  Students will learn about “music theory” in its melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic elements.  I use a stress-free approach to learning about how and why music functions the way it does with the intention of using it to improve playing.

REALIZATION: The most critical aspect of lessons is applying technique and theory to real repertoire.  Students will learn melodic studies, etudes, and pieces with precise technique and mature musicality.

My private music lessons are customized for each student.  Though there are obvious methods to each instrument, every student learns differently, and it is my goal to find a learning method perfect for you.  We will discuss practice habits, methodic approaches, and more in our path to bringing out the musician you can become.

“It takes a long time to sound like yourself.” -Myles Davis

Private music lessons are available for students of any age or ability level on any wind or brass instrument. If you put air through it, Vinny can teach it!

Lesson Fees:

Full Lessons (45 – 60 minutes) – $60
Half Lessons (25 – 30 minutes) – $40

Discounts are always available for families with multiple students and/or families who need financial assistance.
Music is for everybody – nobody will turned away for financial reasons.

Pay for three lessons up front and receive a fourth lesson free!
Buy-three-get-one-free deal can be used an unlimited number of times per student.

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What People Say

“I come away from each lesson feeling more confident in my improving ability.  While nothing escapes Vincent’s notice, his corrections are always positive and addressed with practical solutions.  I really look forward to lessons because the experience is very positive.”

Peggy C, current adult bassoon student

“Vincent is a gifted musician and a talented teacher.  He challenges my son in a way that keeps him excited about music. Vincent’s teaching leaves a lasting impression as his positive feedback keeps my son beaming days after a lesson; but, more importantly, my son can apply Vincent’s musical methods even when working on his own.  Working with Vincent has been priceless.  I’m constantly amazed at how committed he is to making my son better – even going so far as to compose musical pieces for him!  I would highly recommend Vincent to any and all looking for a quality music teacher.”

Kelly F, mother of a current bassoon, clarinet, and saxophone student

“Vinny has the great combination of being not only a marvelous musician but also an amazing teacher, who is great at connecting with students. He has a way of getting students to understand complex concepts and perform at a high level, while also making his teaching kid-friendly. He has good personal rapport with his students, and students will have a fantastic experience working with Vinny. He will enhance their music learning and also foster positive relationships with them.”

Karla M, Laurel Music Camp co-staff

“Vincent LaMonica is a fantastic instructor.  I began studying with him the summer before my senior year of high school and I also worked with him in the previous 3 years at Laurel Music Camp.  Not only did he help me to improve my sound as an oboist, he also helped me to grow as an overall musician.  While studying with Vincent, I improved in sight-reading as well as in music theory skills.  When I auditioned to music schools, I felt very well prepared because of how Vincent pushed me during lessons and the amount of time that he put into helping me prepare my audition music.  I truly felt that he cared about my success, and he is most definitely one of the best teachers that I have ever worked with.”

Alli K, former oboe student and Laurel Music Camp camper

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